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2016 Kia Forte Coupe: A Quick Overview

2016 Kia Forte Coupe: A Quick Overview

The 2016 Kia Forte Koup is a car with a lot to offer. It is a two door variant of the Kia Forte line that delivers quality, style and niche appeal in equal measure. The Koup is a car with plenty of presence and is still rare enough to give a little brand cache too. Ideal for those who like a quality car that's a little different.


Since the redesign in 2014, the Koup is now one of the best cars in its segment. Quality interiors, good engines, a solid platform and great value for money make this a worthy option for anyone in the market for a cool small car.

2016 Kia Forte Koup design


The design of the 2016 Kia Forte Koup is sleek. There is a definite flow to the profile, one that must have come directly from the wind tunnel. The narrow front with its tiger nose grille and large intake give a definite sporty look while the angled headlights add a little masculinity to the design.


Fluted door panels and a high waist combined with sloped roofline make the Koup very nice to look at in profile. The rear end definitely has an air of Alfa Romeo about it, which elevates it in our eyes. The inside is simple yet inspired. There is an intentionally minimalist appeal to the dashboard, with the lack of centre stack a positive in our opinion. A simple layout ensures everything is within reach and looks and feels good. Passenger space is unusually generous for this size car too.

Engine and transmission


There are two engine options for the 2016 Kia Forte Koup. The first is a 2.0-litre inline four cylinder that produces 173 hp and 154 lb-ft of torque. The second is a 1.6-litre turbo four that produces 201 hp and 195 lb-ft of torque. Both use either a six speed manual or automatic transmission to send power to the front.


Both engines are smooth and quiet. The transmissions offers slick gear changes and utilises the available power well while also keeping decent gas mileage.

2016 Kia Forte Koup trims


There are two trim levels to the Koup, Ex and SX. The Koup EX comes with the non-turbo engine and offers 17 inch alloy wheels, power everything, heated seats, air conditioning, cruise control, keyless entry and ignition, power mirrors and CD audio.


The Koup SX offers the turbocharged engine, 18 inch alloy wheels and climate control. The 2016 Kia Forte Koup is a great car that has a lot to offer. It can comfortably fit four, has a pair of great engines and a refinement you usually have to pay a lot more to achieve. Overall, we think this is a great car!


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