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2016 Ford Taurus at Shanghai Auto Show

2016 Ford Taurus at Shanghai Auto Show


Many of the
models shown at the Shanghai Auto Show never make it to Canada, but we like to
keep an eye on it anyway. Not only does it show us some cool new models, it
also indicates where automakers are moving next. One such design that caught
our eye was the 2016 Ford Taurus.

This Taurus
is Chinese-specific, meaning we won't get to see it over here. Although we are
expecting a new version later this year. On one hand, it shows how automakers
cater for different audiences around the globe and on the other, it makes a
mockery of the "One Ford" marketing spiel.

That aside,
what we have seen of the 2016 Ford Taurus looks interesting. The intent of the
Chinese Taurus is more luxury than mid-range. The exterior has a classic Asian
look to it, almost Hyundai Genesis in appearance. The big nose, angled lights
and fluted flanks all cry quality, while subtle alloy wheels and a refined
cabin do the luxury.

The Chinese
2016 Ford Taurus is apparently longer to add more passenger space and has a
neat new sunroof that makes more headroom in front. Along with new equipment,
new materials and power rear seats with optional massage function, this is a
different car entirely from what we're used to.

Under the
hood is a new 2.7-litre EcoBoost V6 with twin turbos. Specifications and
numbers have yet to be released.

to Marin Burela, president of Changan Ford Automobile Co.

Ford Taurus was created for highly sophisticated consumers in China who need an
equally sophisticated vehicle for both business and personal use. With a
powerful, confident and inviting design, a spacious and elegant interior,
impeccable craftsmanship, compelling performance and advanced technology, the
Ford Taurus makes no compromises as an innovative flagship sedan."

design, craftsmanship, refinement, comfort and power help the Taurus to rise
above the typical large sedan, but they are only part of the story. We look
forward to sharing more about our new premium business sedan over the months ahead."

The Ford Taurus has always been a solid contender in the sedan market in Canada but
we're not sure the Asian version sits well with us. We like the increased
luxury, but the looks are entirely Asian in appeal. We just hope we get to see
the NA spec 2016 Ford Taurus soon!

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