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2016 Ford Focus RS: A Quick Review

2016 Ford Focus RS: A Quick Review

Details for the 2016 Ford Focus RS have been released to the public at long last. A sigh of relief could be heard across Canada as the new numbers delivered on their promises and a new video appeared showing the Ford hot hatch in action.


We got a hint of what was coming after that debacle on the Ford website a few months ago. After all that was cleaned up we had to wait until the official release to see if what we saw would become a reality or not.


So what do we know? We know the U.S. pricing but not the Canadian as yet. We expect it to land somewhere between $35-40,000 mark though. We also know that the 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine will make its appearance. The four cylinder motor will deliver 345 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque.


Back when we first saw the marketing material for the 2016 Ford Focus RS, Ford had said their engine developed "more than 315 hp". Now we know it's quite a bit more than that. Torque can also increase too. The Focus RS will come with overdrive, which can temporarily boost torque upwards for 15 seconds.


The 2016 Ford Focus RS will use a six-speed manual transmission to send power to all wheels via Ford's very clever all-wheel drive system. The new system is very impressive indeed and features an awesome torque vectoring setup that can deliver power to any wheel at any given time. It also has launch control which could prove a lot of fun.


The 2016 Ford Focus RS was developed in conjunction with RS development consultant Ken Block. So it's no surprise that the car comes with different driving modes, including a drift mode.


Ford also released the 2016 Ford Focus RS 0-62 figures and a cool video to show it achieving it. The figures show 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds.


As well as offering serious performance, the 2016 Ford Focus RS also delivers more power than its main rivals, the Golf R and Subaru WRX STI. It is similarly priced too.


The 2016 Ford Focus RS goes on sale in the spring of 2016 and if pre-order queries are anything to go by, will sell fast as well as drive fast. We can't wait to get one in the dealership so we can see it for ourselves!


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