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2016 Ford F-150 can use CNG or propane

2016 Ford F-150 can use CNG or propane


If you
weren't already convinced that the new Ford F-150 is a fantastic truck suitable
for all manner of jobs, maybe this could sway you. Despite the low price of
gas, prices can fluctuate massively in any given year. So wouldn't it be nice if
you had a choice of three fuels to use?

exactly what you get with the 2016 Ford F-150. According to Ford, the next
F-150 with the 5.0-litre V8 will be able to run quite happily on gasoline,
compressed natural gas (CNG) or propane. This is ideal for fleet owners who can
secure reliable supplies of these gases.

ability is limited to only this engine though. A so-called "gaseous-fuel
preparation package" can be ordered when you buy your new truck which will
enable you to choose your gas of choice. At the time of launch, it will be the
only truck to offer this option.

modifications is necessary to make it all work. Extra fuel tanks for the gas,
new fuels lines and fuel injectors. Your truck will be shipped to Ford-approved
shops to complete the conversion. Currently, only four U.S. based companies are
approved. They are in Dallas, North Carolina and two in Michigan.

surveyed customers likely to use natural gas or propane, and 72% told us they
want to have these alternative-fuel capabilities available,” said Jon Coleman,
Ford fleet sustainability and technology manager. “We expect the gaseous-fuel
prep package will be even more popular than it was on the 2014 F-150 with the
3.7-litre V6 engine, given the capability of the 2016 F-150 5.0-litre V8.”

either CNG or propane can lower the running costs and emissions of the truck
significantly when doing high mileage. As long as you can get enough of the gas
for your needs, it's a good move.

Ford say
using alternate fuels in this way does not compromise performance, towing
ability or payload capacity either. Which is good news for fleet users. Ford
also say they sold over 16,800 alternate fueled vehicles during 2014 so there
is definitely an appetite out there for the vehicles.

For now,
these gas conversions seem limited to the U.S. but with fuel availability in
Canada too, there's no reason not to think they will make their way north at
some point.

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