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2015 Ford Escape SE: A Quick Overview

2015 Ford Escape SE: A Quick Overview

The 2015 Ford Escape SE is an agile vehicle despite being a crossover. It is easy to handle around the city yet is very capable on long road trips or highway commutes. It is one of the few crossovers that gets the balance right between being zippy and roomy at the same time.


The design of the Escape is handsome. It has an almost shark-like appearance up front with the large lower sill and open side grilles. A relatively narrow centre grille with blue oval tells you exactly who built this vehicle but keeps things subtle. A pair of angled headlights lean back into each fender around a detailed hood. 


A steeply raked windshield flows up and over the curved roofline and into the quite detailed rear door. Another pair of complex lights and detailed centre finish the look.


Inside, the 2015 Ford Escape SE has a series of well-built seats that support and offer good levels of comfort. The dashboard is nicely laid out with all instruments in direct line of sight and all controls within easy reach. A centre stack features a CD audio system or MyFord Touch screen depending on the trim level.


Engine and transmission


The engine in the 2015 Ford Escape SE is a 2.5-litre inline four cylinder with automatic transmission. Output is 168 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque which is sent to the front wheels. The engine and transmission is capable and smooth. While output is modest, this is a compact crossover with a relatively low bulk so offers good power to weight.


Front wheel drive offers good grip as the majority of the vehicle’s weight is over the driving wheels. The overall balance of the vehicle is good whether laden or empty.


This particular 2015 Ford Escape SE features leather interior, climate control, keyless entry, cruise control, reversing sensor, rearview camera, heated seats, Bluetooth, Sirius XM radio and power accessories. Plus, it is in black, which is one of the most popular colours for crossovers.


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