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10 Canadian springtime road trips you must try part 2

10 Canadian springtime road trips you must try part 2

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Welcome to the second part of Car Nation Canada’s ‘10 Canadian springtime road trips you must try’. Yesterday we covered The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, The Cheltenham Badlands, Ontario, Halifax to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Calgary to Lake Louise, Alberta and Icefields Parkway, Alberta. Where will we go today?

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island is an amazing place to visit. Another island on our coastline, PEI has some of the best beaches and more dramatic coastline than any island deserves. Measuring just 224km in length, it is ripe for exploring by car. Take the North Cape Coastal Drive, the Central Coastal Drive or the Points East Coastal Drive and you’re never far from the ocean.

Each allows you to explore a different part of PEI from the beaches to the wild lands, quaint fishing villages to the city of Charlottetown. It is a trip well worth making.

Regina to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Regina to Saskatoon is something completely different. Gone are the mountains and dramatic coastlines. Instead you get wide open spaces and prairie land. Regina is a nice city to visit and home to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre. From there you can drive last Lake Diefenbaker, home to some of the best fishing in the province.

Stop along the road to Saskatoon and try your hand at horse riding or ranching, explore the wide vistas and relax at serene rolling hills that flow forever to the horizon.

Northern Bruce Peninsula, Ontario
Northern Bruce Peninsula is often overlooked by both locals and tourists, leaving it ripe for exploration on a road trip. Drive west to Tobermory or stay at the Bruce Peninsula National Park. Stop and explore the park and enjoy some of the most amazing forest and wild land in the region.

Explore the Flower Pot Island and the Grotto, swim in Georgian Bay and take your time enjoying some of the best that Ontario has to offer.

Squamish to Whistler, British Columbia
The drive from Squamish to Whistler has to be seen to be believed. It has some of the most amazing scenery anywhere. It’s a two hour drive north from Vancouver to Whistler along one of the best-named roads anywhere in the world, the Sea to Sky Highway. Widely regarded as one of the prettiest roads to drive in the world, this is a must do for a springtime road trip.

Stop at Shannon Falls, Tantalus Range Lookout and stop and stare at the Squamish River which will be in full flow during spring.

Victoria to Ucluelet, British Columbia
Victoria to Ucluelet is a great road trip for beach lovers. The drive from Victoria is only 5 hours or so but you must stop at Qualicum Beach and enjoy the soft golden sand. You can also visit Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Provincial Park, Pacific Rim National Park and so much more.

Tofino offers the best surfing in the country and makes a decent alternative to Ucluelet if you like the beach. Otherwise, enjoy forests, culture, national parks and the Pacific Ocean before making your way back down the west coast to Victoria.

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