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2015 Hyundai Elantra versus 2015 Kia Forte

2015 Hyundai Elantra versus 2015 Kia Forte

The 2015 Hyundai Elantra versus 2015 Kia Forte battle is one between siblings like all the best battles. Hyundai and Kia share the same parent company and many of the same resources. Yet they are also competitors, jostling for position in a very competitive compact segment.

So of the two, which do we think is best?


The 2015 Hyundai Elantra uses either a 1.8-liter engine producing 148 hp and 131 lb-ft of torque or a 2.0-liter engine producing 173 hp and 154 lb-ft of torque. Both come with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission that sends power to the front wheels.
The 2015 Kia Forte uses the same 1.8-liter engine that delivers the same 148 hp and 131 lb-ft of torque and the 2.0-liter engine producing the same 173 hp and 154 lb-ft of torque. It also uses the same six speed automatic transmission to send the same power to the front wheels.
Given these two share much the same mechanicals, there really is nothing to choose between them. Those who like a stick shift will prefer the manual option in the Elantra though.

The Elantra is a great looking car that shows just what design can do when put into the right hands. It’s polished, aero and looks good while still or in motion. The front and rear ends both look tight, well-proportioned and modern. Add a good pair of alloy wheels and it’s a compelling package.
The Kia Forte is another good looking car. It has seen some significant changes for the 2015 model year that elevates it above many other cars in its class. It too is modern, aero and looks great with a good pair of alloys. The tiger nose is also a firm favorite of ours too.
The Elantra just has the edge in the styling department, but not by much. We think the sportier look is a real differentiator.


The 2015 Hyundai Elantra gets a new interior and it’s a good one. It’s well laid out, nicely finished and well put together. There is plenty of passenger room, lots of technology, plentiful storage and practicality too. The seats are supportive and overall it’s a great place to be.
The Forte is also a nice place to be, although the asymmetrical dashboard does take a little getting used to. The interior also uses quality materials, lots of technology, good seating and polished design. Visibility is great, cargo space is plentiful and is also a nice place to be.
The Elantra has a slight advantage in the more traditional dashboard layout but there isn’t much to call between them.


While sharing a lot of mechanicals, there are enough differences between the 2015 Hyundai Elantra and the 2015 Kia Forte to make choosing between them easier than you might think. We think the 2015 Hyundai Elantra offers a better looking, more practical package
for the money, so wins this 2015 Hyundai Elantra versus 2015 Kia Forte fight.

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